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Orthodontic braces, Oxford Orthodontics

If you have crooked, crowded or gappy teeth, orthodontics will not only improve your bite and oral health it will restore both your confidence and self esteem.

Adult braces have come a long way in the last few years. Braces are now much more discreet, painless and treatment time has reduced.

At Oxford Orthodontics Practice, we offer a variety of adult braces. It’s never too late to create a beautiful smile, contact our Patient Coordinator to arrange your free smile assessment to discuss your treatment needs.

The types of braces we offer are shown below.​

Different options for Orthodontics

At Oxford Orthodontics, we know that each patient is unique and so we offer different braces to suit individual needs. Here is a brief overview of the types of braces we offer:

Benefits of Orthodontics

If you decide to have your teeth straightened with us, Oxford Orthodontics can offer you:

  • A personal consultation to discuss what you dislike about your teeth and what you want to achieve
  • A long-term holistic approach. We take into account your oral and general health and take a view on which treatment is best for you and your lifestyle
  • Custom made braces. Our braces and aligners are bespoke, and custom made for you to achieve the best results in the minimum time
  • Latest technology. We use the latest technology to ensure that your treatment is up to date in every development
  • Interest free finance to help spread the cost

At Oxford Orthodontics Practice, our consultations with the Orthodontist are £75, or you can book a free patient assessment with our Patient Coordinator to find out more about our treatments.